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Deadline October 8, Mon

Toppan is looking to partner with foreign startups that are considering developing services and products in Japan. Through these partnerships we aim to create new markets in previously underdeveloped sectors in Japan.

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Product / Service

Device / Health Care / etc...


Digital Marketing

Mobile Apps / SNS / DX / IoT/ AI etc...


  • Kick off
    Aug. 17, 2018
    We will begin accepting application. Please use the application form provided on this website.
  • Briefings
    Aug. - Sep., 2018
    Briefing sessions will be held in five cities, including Tokyo. Osaka, Hiroshima, Fukuoka, and Taipei. Click here for more information.
  • Deadline
    Oct. 08, 2018
    All applications must be submitted by 23:59 on October 8, 2018.
  • 1st selection
    Middle of Oct., 2018
    In the first round all submitted documents will be reviewed. Applicants moving on to the next round will be notified.
  • 2nd selection
    Middle of Nov., 2018
    The second round consists of live presentations given in front of a panel of judges. The venues will be located in Osaka and Fukuoka.
  • Brush-up
    Dec., 2018
    In this stage, applicants who passed the previous rounds will have a chance to refine their proposals with the help of Toppan staff members.
  • Final selection
    Middle of Jan., 2019
    The final round consists of live presentations given in front of a panel of judges, from both inside and outside Toppan. It will be held in Osaka and Fukuoka
  • Incubation program
    Beginning of Feb., 2019
    The Grand Finalists will get the opportunity to have their plan further refined to enable a deeper level of collaboration with Toppan.
  • Debriefing session
    Middle of Feb., 2019
    Outside stakeholders will be invited to a debriefing session of this program in Fukuoka where the awards, including Grand Finalist, will be presented.

Application summary

  • Application Prerequisites
    • Non-Japanese company with an already developed product or service
    • Must be considering business in Japan
  • Judging Criteria
    • Toppan is able to re-sell or re-distribuite this product or service
    • Product or service is innovative
    • Product or service has market growth potential
  • Assumed collaboration types
    • Sales Partnership
  • Awards*
    • 1 x First Prize (¥500,000)
    • 5 x Runner Up Awards (¥100,000)
    • * Awards listed are the total for both the Startup and Global catagories.

Messages from Past Winners


There are two main reasons I’d recommend Toppan as a business partner. First, Toppan has a lot of client relationships in Japan, with a sales team that has a lot of experience. As a startup, having that kind of help is invaluable. The second reason is that the Toppan staff who manage Toppan co-necto respect startups and treat them like partners. I think that’s a very important point in doing business together.
We’re really excited to soon be able announce the project we’ve been collaborating on with Toppan. Stay tuned!


It’s our absolute pleasure to recommend Toppan Printing’s co-necto Open Innovation Program. We are one of the award-winning team in 2017 and the partnership has been around a year since then. We thoroughly enjoyed my time working with Toppan, and came to know them as a truly valuable asset while making decisions related to the Japanese local market. Their knowledge of local market and expertise in cross-industry network was a huge advantage to us. Any team planning to enter the Japanese market should come join the grand event!


There were so many learning opportunities and chances to exchange ideas through this program. Networking with other companies participating in co-necto, help refining our business plan, etc.. Not only did it motivate us, but it really made us step up our game as a startup. Currently we are receiving support in different ways like, technical advice and resource provision. We're steadily making step by step progress toward making our project a reality. I highly recommend this program university researchers or even anyone who just likes making things! Let's all leap to the world with "co-necto" together!


  • Q
    When is the application period?

    The application period begins on August 17 and ends on October 8, 2018 at 23:59.

  • Q
    What languages can I apply in?

    Please apply in Japanese or English.

  • Q
    Is it possible to submit applications for multiple products or services?

    Multiple entries are also possible.
    If your products or services are diverse enough to warrant more than one application submission, please do so.

  • Q
    Do I have to have completed development of my product or service?

    At this time submissions are limited to applicants with completed products and services.

  • Q
    Can I enter without attending a briefing session?


  • Applicants are responsible for all entrance fee.
  • We can not respond to individual inquiries concerning details and results of examination contents.
  • Intellectual property rights such as patent rights of the contents of the application belong to the applicant.
  • For the intellectual property of the proposal contents to be submitted, please apply after the applicant has surely protected the rights.
  • Please be sure to confirm whether you infringe the copyright of a third party beforehand.

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